Wedding is the big day, but bachelorette parties also have huge importance. These events are the last time the bride would hang out with her friends before getting married. As the bachelorette party organizer, your goal is to make it memorable. 

While you don’t have to plan everything to the smallest detail, special T-shirts for the occasion have become a standard. They can contribute to the atmosphere and strengthen the group’s mutual bond. If you set your mind on bachelorette party shirts, here is how to choose the best ones!

1. Find Out the Common Factor or Shirt Theme

The classic T-shirts stating “bride” and “bride crew” sound nice. But you want to take things to the next level to show you have tried. And there’s nothing better than personalizing the clothes you’ll wear at the bachelorette party.

If you have an inner circle joke that could fit the occasion and is suitable for a T-shirt, go for it. You could pick funny T-shirts like “I’m getting married” and “So we are getting drunk.” If you are an artistic crew, focus on unique designs for each guest.

And here’s another great idea – invite everyone to participate. Create a group on social media and gather all guests except the bride. You can collect different suggestions and vote for the best idea. However, remember that the theme should suit the group or bride.

2. Determine the Party Activities

Before working on T-shirts, decide on the party’s theme and activities. The general idea is they should fit the bride’s preference. Of course, if you have her input, it would be easier. But even if you don’t, you know her style. 

Is the bride up for a wild night at the club? Would she prefer to head on a weekend retreat with spa treatments? Was she mentioning a get-together in somebody’s home and chatting all night long would be perfect?

Regardless of the theme, you’ll need to fill the party schedule with activities. These could include heading to the spa or getting your nails done together. Perhaps you need to book a private area in a club for the bachelorette party.

Once you have the activities, you can consider the messages on the T-shirts. If you go to a club, something referring to alcohol and wild nights would be suitable. And for a home party, you could make pajamas with custom printing instead of T-shirts.

3. Give Your T-Shirt Design Some Personality and Fun

Have you already imagined how the perfect bachelorette party T-shirt needs to look? Here are a few steps to consider:

  • The base color. It’s common to pick one-colored T-shirts since they enable the writing to stand out and be noticeable.
  • Writing font. Do you want a wacky font, one that seems like handwriting, or another style?
  • Graphics. Would you like additional graphics on the T-shirt? These could be drawings, images, and other details.

Don’t hesitate to be creative since you want a unique T-shirt. If you are familiar with graphic programs, you can draw an outline there. Alternatively, if you are talented, you can even draw the desired design on paper.

4. It’s Time to Work with a Professional Designer and Printer

Did you set your mind on the idea? If yes, it’s time to contact a company with custom T-shirt printing service. It’s imperative to work with professionals and avoid improvising anything. You are likely to design bachelorette T-shirts for the future bride once in this lifetime, so make sure everything is perfect.

A professional will listen carefully to your instructions. If you have a design ready or graphics to add to the T-shirt, send them all the details. Then, before the T-shirts go into printing, a professional company would show you the final design. 

Once you approve, it’s time for printing. It’s worth noting that professional printing businesses will ensure to use of top-quality T-shirts and other materials. That means the pattern won’t be easy to peel, ensuring the T-shirts survive through the evening and long after the bachelorette party.

5. Some Bachelorette Party Ideas to Use

You’ve got the T-shirts done, but that doesn’t end the bachelorette party organization. If you’d like some suggestions to make the event memorable, consider the following:

  • Add customized prints to other items. From doing personalized invites to printing a custom design on hats, bags, and pins, don’t hesitate to pick what fits your party theme.
  • Attend a class to learn a new skill together. For example, you could go pottery making, attend cooking classes, or learn how to dance.
  • Pick a theme for the party. You could organize a murder mystery night and ask everyone to dress appropriately. Perhaps a pajama party at home is a good idea, or you’ll host a swimming pool party where you all need bikinis.

Before the bachelorette party day comes, make sure you have everything ready. From confirmation of the reservation to the T-shirts, it’s important not to leave room for surprises!